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The Emotional Raft

Ever laid on a raft at the beach and while on the water closed your eyes for a little bit? But then, when you opened your eyes, all of a sudden you found yourself pulled out into the deep further than

raft water
The Emotional Raft

you intended to be?

Emotional, mental, and psychological frustration operate just like the slow, subtle rhythm of the waters. Stay on the emotional raft long enough and it will subtly float you out so far from the shorelines that by the time you realize it, you’ve gone too far, and now, “you really out there!”; for everyone to see too.

The Word of GOD must be the gatekeeping filter of the mind by which anything enters. If we fail to safeguard the entrance of its door, we will find ourselves confused and somewhere off course.

Keep your mind STAYED on Him and you’ll avoid the struggle and pain of having to paddle back. And because we don’t skip lessons with GOD, it’ll be back to the sandbox we go each time to be tried and tested again and again.

Since GOD’s tools are faultless and need no warranty because they are powerfully equipped to keep us anchored and afloat against the vehement winds of life, the questions then remain. What broke? What snapped? What crackled? And what popped?

Is it I, LORD?

Time to check my float for spiritual breaches and leaks. ~Narda Goodson, 2019 Daily Doses of Gospel PiLLs

Scriptures to Meditate on:

Isaiah 26:3 - You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

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