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God Is Calling Us Out Of Our Caves



I SAW A VISION OF A PERSON IN A CAVE. AT FIRST I THOUGHT IT WAS ELIJAH (1 Kings 19:9). BUT IT WASN'T...." God said: "I HAVE MANY PROPHETS HIDDEN IN CAVES" (1 Kings 18:4). "For some of you, your cave is the job you have, a hopeless circumstance, and for others, it is a ministry that doesn't seem to have the impact you thought it would. Some are in the cave of depression. These 'tucked away' ones have been given revelation that many do not understand or receive" (Daniel 12:10).

I have a word (Proverbs 15:23) for these hidden servants of Mine: I will bring many of you out of obscurity and into your life calling (1 Thessalonians 5:24).' Did you not know--I have had you hidden like a man hides valuables in a safe?" (Isaiah 45:3).

God said: "JUST LIKE ELIJAH DID, MANY OF YOU FEEL ALL ALONE". "Many of My children are very zealous for Me, but are mistaken to believe that they are all alone (1 Kings 19:4). I have many other servants 'in the wings' that I have been hiding (1 Kings 19:18). You need to understand that some of the mightiest warriors who ever lived, first had their home in a cave and felt all alone before their king came into power (1 Samuel 22:1; 2 Samuel 23:13). Feeling alone isn't a sin, just a delusion." God said: "HERE'S HOW TO BEHAVE IN A CAVE "BUILD A FIRE IN YOUR CAVE: "During this season, your job is to keep the Spirit's flame burning (2 Timothy 1:6), so you can see clearly. Just gather kindling (setting aside time for Me) and I'll do the rest. Many of you feel spiritually cold, and you need the warmth that being close to Me provides."

DO NOT BE ISOLATED: "Just because you are in a cave, doesn't mean you are to shut yourself off from others. When David was in his cave, he gathered other warriors along side of him to prepare for the day when he would leave (1 Samuel 22:2). Isolation is not an option. The enemy wants you to be isolated, feeling sorry for yourself.

As David had his mighty warriors (1 Chronicles 11:10), so do I (2 Samuel 22:35) --You are one of them. I am calling many who are waiting in caves of isolation to come forth into activation and do battle for Me. I want you to gather with other mighty warriors who will encourage you" (1 Chronicles 12:8).

DECORATE YOUR CAVE: "Again, when My servant David was in a cave (1 Samuel 22:1), he prepared his way out by decorating the walls with praise (Psalm 142:7) and putting up drapes of patience (Proverbs 16:32). As you begin to sing high praises to Me, I will set ambushes against your enemies (2 Chronicles 20:22).

Like David, you must not seek vengeance on those who let you down, on those who abused you, those who betrayed you, those whom you walked with and ate bread with you in the house of the Lord, but they wounded you and now you have a hole in your soul and a wound in your spirit, you are caring invisible scars.

Vengeance is mine thus says the Lord, trust Me to work out all things for my glory and for your good, even the most painful things. I will balance the scales (Romans 12:17-21) because I know the hearts of men better than you do (1 Chronicles 28:9).

I am calling you out, but You must not leave your cave with unforgiveness in your heart, ask God to give you a clean heart and renew within you a new and a right spirit." (Matthew 6:14-15).

God said: "SOON I WILL BRING MANY OUT OF THEIR CAVE". "The fullness of time is coming for many in the Church. I have reserved many prophets for these end times. I am calling you to be humble before Me, merciful to all who come into your path, and bold in battle (Proverbs 28:1). I want you to recruit, train, and arm warriors for My Kingdom. Self pity has no room for expression at this time. I am calling you to minister to the lost, confused, and desperate, and then make them ready and then release them for war.

As I bring you out of the cave, remember this: I want your entire life to be one long yes and to be obedient response to My Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14). To accomplish this, study My Word like you would study a map that was found while lost in the jungle." God said: "HERE'S HOW TO CONDUCT YOURSELF AS YOU EXIT THE CAVE". COME OUT CLEAN, CONSECRATED WITH YOUR HANDS UP, WITH A SURRENDERED HEART, WITH A LOVE FOR GOD AND PEOPLE THAT SURPASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING.

"Before Elijah left the cave, he wrapped himself in his mantle, and as soon as he did, he heard My voice (1 Kings 19:13).

When you leave the cave, do not always look for Me in the dramatics (1 Kings 19:11-12) of the wind, in the earthquake or in the fire Instead, like I did with Elijah, I will speak softly to you in a still voice. Keep in mind that I do not desire you be famous, but faithful and fruitful (Psalm 101:6), bold, and uncompromising.

Rise above a life of double-mindedness (James 1:5-8) and walk in your high calling. As John the Baptist picked up Elijah's mantle, I have a mantle for you to pick up. Do not simply carry it, but wrap yourself tightly in it.

John operated in the 'spirit and power of Elijah' to prepare the coming of the Lord. In like manner, I am calling many out of their cave to prepare for the coming of My Son.

That light you see in front of you is the entrance to the cave, but is turning into an exit. No more cave dwelling for you. It's time for fresh air and a new start. Well, are you coming?"


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1 Comment

Narda Goodson
Narda Goodson
Apr 16, 2020

An excellent on time Word. Thank you for this excellent revelatory breathtaking Word.

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